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    Become a Supplier


    More business, less effort

    People seek the seamless delivery of their products. Our App already reaches nearly 70% of Smartphone users in Bangladesh. We showcase all your supplies on our website. Our Product pages are being visited by hundreds of regular buyers, researchers, and the first time buyers.

    Reach new customers

    We showcase new products almost daily on our Website. Our Shasroy leaders engage more people from their community. They promote the products and convince them with money-saving ideas.

    We give options, you can deliver through us

    We have more than 3 Leaders at each locality. They are keen to provide fast-delivery. Traffic less delivery is our first goal.


    What are the requirements to create a supplier account?

    Requirements for Supplier Account;

    • Supplier Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • NID, Trade Licence, TIN & Passport Size Photo

    Can suppliers use the warehouse of Amar Shasroy for their products?

    Yes, Suppliers can use Amar Shasroy's warehouse for his/her products. They can have their own warehouse too so that they can keep an eye on their bulk orders.

    What are the delivery timelines from the supplier to Amar Shasroy?

    The products need to deliver from suppler to Amar Shasroy within 1-2 days.

    Does the supplier include his/her company's branding on the packaging?

    Suppliers do not need to include any additional company's branding on the packaging. We will prepare the packaging for our customers.

    What are the benefits of Supplier to use Amar Shasroy?

    We have more than 3 Leaders at each locality. Each Shasroy Leader has a lot of social connections and lands hundreds of orders from regular customers. So based on these rapid sales 24/7, suppliers are always busy fulfilling the order supplies.

    Does the supplier need a company to sell on Amar Shasroy?

    No, the supplier doesn't need to have a registered business to start selling on Amar Shasroy. You can set up an Amar Shasroy supplier account with your personal info or business info.

    How can suppliers earn money by selling on Amar Shasroy?

    Suppliers can easily register on Amar Shasroy as a supplier and start selling products online across our operated areas. Selling products on a marketplace like Amar Shasroy can not only be profitable, but you can build a fortune provided you do the things the right way.

    What are the delivery areas of Amar Shasroy?

    Amar Shasroy is keen to deliver all over Bangladesh.