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    Become a Shasroy Leader

    If you are a key figure in your community and are keen to engage in large groups, you have a big chance to save money maximum while dealing with hundreds of branded household groceries. Bring all your neighbors in the group chat, say in Whatsapp, and promote hundreds of products at wholesale prices and earn money online. You can be the Social figure whom everyone respects and shout your opinions. Currently, we are looking for such individuals who are keen to talk to people and influence the community to sell products and make money without any hassles. You will become one of the key opinion leaders, who can connect to your neighbors and promote products with great deals. To become a shasroy leader please apply.

    What is Amar Shasroy

    We are an e-commerce platform promoting Social group buys. We are keen to help you buy daily household products in bulk and pocket maximum discounts at every time you buy. We knock the suppliers directly and negotiate the best prices for you.

    We create and hire Shasroy leaders in Bangladesh. We connect people from various communities and work closely through the Amar Shasroy platform for the betterment of society. We save money, create relationships, social bonding, and peace of mind. We empower young people with money making guarantees, by delivering common goods to every family they engage with quick and cheap.

    Why join into Amar Shasroy Community

    Earn extra money for your goals

    Achieve your short-term goals or long-term dreams by becoming a Shasroy Leader with Amar Shasroy.

    Choose your own hours

    Unlike full-time or part-time jobs, when and where you work is totally up to you.

    Easy to get started

    Don't worry about delivering the products. Just sign up and receive everything you need to start earning.

    Start right away

    Once approved, start to work as a Shasroy Leader.

    Know how much you'll make

    Let's you know how much you will make before confirming your order.


    What is the role of a Shasroy Leader?

    The Shasroy Learder is a person in your community who will collect your orders on behalf of "Amar Shasroy", keeping you regularly informed of all “Amar Shasroy" products and offers and anything related to “Amar Shasroy".

    How long does it take to start working with Amar Shasroy?

    Our signup and application process takes just few minutes. Once approved, start to work as a Shasroy Leader.

    Does Shasroy Leader have any order range? (Weight/Quantity)

    No. Shasroy Leader do not have any order range. Shasroy Leader should engaged more people from their community, promote products and convence them with money saving ideas.

    Where is Amar Shasroy's location?

    Amar Shasroy's head office is located in Banani. Head Office Address: Apt B5, Level 5, House 35 (Green Primavera), Road 17, Block E, Banani, Dhaka - 1213, Bangladesh.